Vision Statement

My vision statement:

To capture ordinary, everyday subjects in a way that makes them meaningful in that specific moment in time.

Everyone should create their own vision statement to help guide their photographic goal.  Everyone sees the world differently and can create an image that no one else would be able to see in the same way.  Creating a vision statement will help you to focus your attention to get images that convey what you are trying to share with the world.  Everyone has their own experiences in life that shape how they will photograph a scene.

I had never thought of doing a vision statement until I stumbled upon the website where you do an assignment to help your photography every week.  I think this was a great way to start the project to get people to focus on what they want to do photographically.  I highly recommend writing down a vision statement and trying to take a picture around your house that reflects you vision.  It is hard to think of one sentence to guide your photography but it is important to sit and come up with something.  My vision statement photo is of my baby playing the keyboard.  It is an everyday scene but with the use of depth of field and all the colors it makes this ordinary scene more meaningful and interesting.


About Elegant Delight Photography

My name is CJ Pietri and I am from Colorado. I have started this blog so that anyone that is interested in my photography can follow me here. I will post some of my favorite pictures with some commentary about them or about how I took them to give people a little insight about each photo. I will also post other photography (maybe getting off topic sometimes) related posts and tips to try and help other people who are trying to take better pictures as well. I realize I am not a professional photographer but I think that I can help other photographers with tips and tricks that I pick up by reading and just practicing this art on a daily basis. I have been interested in photography since high school when I started with a film SLR, but didn't really get into until a couple of years ago when I bought my first DSLR. I am trying to get better at taking meaningful pictures everyday, which has proven to be a long journey, but I believe I am growing on a daily basis. If you enjoy any of the pictures please do not hesitate to comment. You can see all of my favorite work at:
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