11 Favorites of 2011

I read an article on digitalphotographyschool.com (http://www.digital-photography-school.com/289-best-photos-of-2011-blog-posts) about going through and evaluating your previous years photographs and picking out your favorites and decided that I would do it.  They said to pick 10 of your favorites but I decided to do 11 since it is 2011.  I had a pretty good year photographically and think that I learned how to use my camera a lot better since when I first got it.  I had started a 52 week project but only made it like halfway through before I started missing weeks.  I like the idea of only posting my favorite work instead of posting a random photo every week even if they are not good.  Some weeks I take multiple photos that I like and other weeks I don’t take any so I would rather not get into that project again.  I will try and do some projects this year though just to get my creative juices flowing.  Hopefully by posting these pictures it will give me some drive to try and create better pictures for the 2012 year.

It was fairly easy to pick out my favorites, mostly because I was already posting most of my favorite work on flickr.  The pictures are in no particular order.  Please take a look at my work and tell me what you think in the comments.

I took this photo at the zoo of this bird that was flying around in the bird cage.  I really like how the depth of field makes him stand out really well on the post.  The bokeh in the background also makes this picture interesting.  This was also the first zoo trip that my baby took so this picture has more behind the scenes meaning to me also.

I really like the colors in this photo with the orange grass in the front and the pink and blue clouds in the background.  I also like how the irrigation tires lead your eye across the picture.  I took this photo with my 18-55 lens that had a broken auto focus, so I got some experience at manually focusing a lens, which I had never done before.

I took this picture behind the apartment we used to live in.  We had lived there for a year and I never knew a scene like this was right next to us.  It is amazing the new photo opportunities that lie right around the corner.  I am not the best photo editor on photo shop but spent some time on this one trying to balance out the sky and foreground.

This picture is my favorite long exposure photograph.  I actually only took one photo of this scene and like it so much that I didn’t take another one.  I got really lucky with the car that drove through the picture while the exposure was happening.  What really caught my attention when I walked outside to take this picture of my neighborhood was the reflection of the trash can on the sidewalk and also the amazing cloud colors.  I think the streaking car lights just brought this picture together though.

I had to watch my baby for two weeks at the end of the year so I got to play around a lot with taking pictures of her.  This is one of my favorites from those two weeks.  I love the depth of field that my 50mm 1.8 lens created in this picture which leads your eye to her left hand.

My brother got some headphones for Christmas and decided to let my baby try them on.  I liked her reaction to them on so decided to take a picture.  This has to be my favorite picture so far of my baby.  I like the red/orange background and also how the light is on her face.  I used the same technique with bounce flash as I explained in my other blog post:  https://elegantdelight.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/bouncing-flash/.

This was one of my favorite photos that I took during my attempt at the 52 week project.  I liked it better in black and white than color because of the streaky clouds that stood out better without color.  I like how this dull scene is made more interesting by just looking at it from a different angle.

This was during my babies first birthday.  I took this picture shortly after getting my new 24-70mm lens and I am amazed by how much I like it.  You can read more about this picture in this blog post: https://elegantdelight.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/bouncing-flash/.

I took a lot of pictures that I really like on this day because of all the clouds in the sky and the lighting that took place from the sun being partially covered.  I like how the post in the lower left leads your eye into the picture and just the overall scene of this broken fence in the middle of nowhere.

Foggy days are some of the most interesting in terms of landscape scenes.  I don’t really get to take pictures very often while it is foggy but on this day I was driving and saw this pivot sprinkler going and liked how the water looked in the mist.

This picture make me laugh.  It is one of my first good pictures using my flash.  It probably would of been better if I used a big diffuser but instead I used direct flash by hand holding it and pointing down at my baby.  It was really hard to get her to sit still and actually look at the paper for this picture.  The glasses are funny too because she looks like a little grown up in a babies body.

Those are my favorites for 2011, here is to a great 2012 and hopefully more growth for me photographically.


About Elegant Delight Photography

My name is CJ Pietri and I am from Colorado. I have started this blog so that anyone that is interested in my photography can follow me here. I will post some of my favorite pictures with some commentary about them or about how I took them to give people a little insight about each photo. I will also post other photography (maybe getting off topic sometimes) related posts and tips to try and help other people who are trying to take better pictures as well. I realize I am not a professional photographer but I think that I can help other photographers with tips and tricks that I pick up by reading and just practicing this art on a daily basis. I have been interested in photography since high school when I started with a film SLR, but didn't really get into until a couple of years ago when I bought my first DSLR. I am trying to get better at taking meaningful pictures everyday, which has proven to be a long journey, but I believe I am growing on a daily basis. If you enjoy any of the pictures please do not hesitate to comment. You can see all of my favorite work at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/squeege40/
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